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What is Charleston ice cream?

Chef Dylan brings a Lowcountry flair to the Bluebird menu, inspired by traditional dishes from the coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia. But some customers might be unfamiliar with the names of these menu items. For example, what is ‘Charleston ice cream’? And why is it paired with salmon?

Charleston ice cream isn’t a dessert – it’s actually a rice dish!

This creamy rice dish is often served so beautifully that it looks like a scoop of ice cream; hence, the interesting name.

It is traditionally made with Carolina Gold Rice, the grandfather of long-grain rice in America. However, any long-grain rice can be used because what sets Charleston ice cream apart is the cooking method. The rice is par-cooked in water and finished in the oven with butter. Cooking it in the oven allows each grain of rice to separate, and the butter provides a flavorful coating that gives the rice its unique texture.

Whether you want to try something new or enjoy a Southern classic, the Bluebird menu has an option for you. Look out for more Lowcountry dishes from Chef Dylan!