Henry Lawrence Faulkner


Henry Lawrence Faulkner January 9, 1924 - December 3, 1981 In the spring of 1957, Kentucky native Henry Faulkner emerged onto the New York gallery scene with his first sale to The Collectors of American Art co-op. From that moment forward, his career began a meteoric rise to fame. Faulkner [...]

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Baxter’s Coffee builds a future around family


Baxter's Coffee builds a future around family The best stories are the ones that make you feel something. They trigger all of your senses, and you are able to transport yourself into the narrative. The story of Baxter’s Coffee does just that. At first glance, one would assume [...]

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What began as a mission to bring life back to Stanford’s downtown has developed into a family of businesses with world-class amenities in a unique small-town setting. Escape the big-city and stay, eat, shop and relax with us in Stanford, Kentucky.


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