It’s not about the pursuit of perfection but of progress!

FarmStrong Co. is a company born from the hands of a young artisan with a grand vision for his work. His story unfolds with themes of passion, dedication, and the timeless art of leather craftsmanship.

David Walt is the creative force behind FarmStrong Co. At the young age of 16, David embarked on a journey that would shape his life forever. Inspired by a long line of family farmers from areas of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas and fueled by a desire to create something truly exceptional, David has dived into the world of leatherworking with determination and grit.

David’s journey began under the guidance of an unlikely mentor – his childhood preacher. Under his guidance, David honed his craft, learning to make precise cuts, stitch tight seams, and bevel edges with meticulous care. More than just technical skills, the process fostered a sense of pride, integrity, and respect for the craft. These values have become the cornerstone of FarmStrong Co.

With each stitch and every stroke of the mallet, David pours his heart and soul into his creations, infusing them with a sense of quality and character that sets FarmStrong Co. apart. From rugged wallets to belts and accessories, each piece bears the mark of David’s dedication, the legacy of his mentorship, and his family ties to farming.

At Kentucky Soaps and Such, we’re thrilled to carry FarmStrong Co. products, knowing that behind each item is a story! “It’s not about the pursuit of perfection but of progress,” David Walt, Founder and Creative Director of FarmStrong Co, said when asked about his creative process.

As a small business rooted in the heart of Stanford, Kentucky Soaps & Such understands the importance of supporting local artisans like David and celebrating the traditions that make small towns unique. Carla Hankla, store lead at Kentucky Soaps & Such, said, “We’re proud to offer FarmStrong Co. products to our customers, knowing that each item carries a story of tradition and mentorship and is made with exceptional craftsmanship.”

The next time you visit Kentucky Soaps & Such, take a moment to check out our collection of FarmStrong Co. products and remember the rich tapestry of tradition they represent. In each piece, you’ll find a story waiting to be told – a story of mentorship, mastery, and handmade craftsmanship created to honor the farmer in all of us.