Pomegranate Molasses Meatloaf


Pomegranate Molasses Meatloaf This delicious dish is an original recipe from the Bluebird's Culinary Director! It makes 10 servings. Meatloaf: 5 lbs ground Marksbury Farm grass-fed ground beef 4 slices bread 1 cup milk 2 T Worcestershire 2 eggs 3 cloves [...]

Pomegranate Molasses Meatloaf2022-02-24T19:59:36+00:00

Chef Dylan’s Christmas Menu


What's on Chef Dylan's Christmas menu? Most of us have special recipes reserved just for the holidays, and Bluebird's Executive Chef Dylan is no different. He reminisced over his family’s traditional recipes and shared new additions to his Christmas menu. Bourbon-Glazed [...]

Chef Dylan’s Christmas Menu2021-12-21T21:09:32+00:00

What is Charleston ice cream?


What is Charleston ice cream? Chef Dylan brings a Lowcountry flair to the Bluebird menu, inspired by traditional dishes from the coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia. But some customers might be unfamiliar with the names of these menu items. [...]

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What began as a mission to bring life back to Stanford’s downtown has developed into a family of businesses with world-class amenities in a unique small-town setting. Escape the big-city and stay, eat, shop and relax with us in Stanford, Kentucky.


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