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The Craftsman’s Touch: A True Grit Story

At Kentucky Soaps and Such, we love shining a spotlight on local artisans and makers from around the region. We also love hearing from customers who added Plainview Farm products to their skincare routine and found noticeable results.

When these two things align, we have to share the story!

David Life started Life’s Custom Woodworking, now LCW Cabinets and Countertops, in 2001. His company quickly grew through his passion for taking raw materials and turning them into beautiful custom cabinets and countertops.

In 2009, David’s life changed when he was diagnosed with a rare eye disease inherited from his mother. What began as a slight problem while driving quickly got worse, and by age 40, he was declared legally blind.

After a few months of processing, David decided that he wouldn’t give up on his dream of custom woodworking.

“I went back into the shop,” says David. “I had to learn different tools and techniques to get things done, but I ultimately decided I was going to do it.”

David’s hands are essential to his business as he primarily uses touch to craft his high-quality cabinets and countertops. “With vision loss, my hands are extremely important,” says David. “I can touch a handcrafted countertop and feel a minute detail that no one else can feel.”

Working with wood daily can make hands rough, and David finds that keeping his hands clean helps increase his ability to critically feel along different surfaces.

A few months ago, David made the switch from regular store brand bar soap to Plainview Farm True Grit Goat Milk Bar Soap.

“I wash my hands regularly because I find keeping my hands clean helps me while feeling the product as I work,” says David. “True Grit keeps my hands soft and it smells great.”

You can find out more about David’s story below or pick up a bar of True Grit for yourself.