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Team member uses her soap-making skills to serve in Greece

Jenny Beth is a former Kentucky Soaps and Such team member, and she has taken the skills she learned there across the world to serve others!

She is working with Nea Zoi, an organization that seeks to reach and support women in prostitution and human trafficking. They offer a holistic approach to healing that includes social services, advocacy and restoration.

Jenny Beth hosted a soap-making workshop as part of this holistic effort. “All of our workshops give women the chance to have something fun to do, work with other people, learn a new skill and earn some money,” Jenny Beth explained.

Her first workshop was a success, and the women made a batch of lavender soap. Jenny Beth is grateful for her time at Kentucky Soaps & Such and how she can use what she learned there to impact women’s lives in Greece. “Sometimes God works in small and funny ways!” she said.

We are thankful for Jenny Beth and the important work she is doing with Nea Zoi!