Downtown Stanford, Kentucky

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Stanford Businesses Unite as Wilderness Road Hospitality

Several local businesses will officially unite under the umbrella of Wilderness Road Hospitality. This group includes long-established businesses such as Wilderness Road Guest Houses & Rooms, Bluebird and Kentucky Soaps & Such, as well as more recent additions to Main Street in Cerulean and Esther’s Wellhouse.

While these businesses offer a wide variety of products and services to the community, they share a common focus on bringing life back to Stanford’s downtown and a common owner in Jess and Angela Correll.

“It’s long been our vision to see these businesses operate as a unit so we can host groups who have a variety of needs,” says Angela Correll. “We are excited about this change and hope it has a positive economic impact for all the businesses in downtown Stanford.”

The Bluebird offers natural, locally-sourced foods that are good for customers and good for the planet. Cerulean offers a unique setting for private, upscale dining experiences. Wilderness Road Guest Houses and Rooms give guests access to eight petite hotel rooms along with five guesthouses, all decorated with original art, antiques, books and supplied with all the comforts of luxury hotel rooms. Esther’s Wellhouse, is a boutique spa where guests can relax and rejuvenate with massage therapy, body treatments, and facials. Kentucky Soaps & Such provides naturally-sourced bath and body products infused with essential oils for healthy skin and hair, as well as other local and unique gifts.

The hope is that the new name will make it easier for folks in the area to learn more about the businesses as a group, and to potentially attract more regular visitors to the area.

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Story originally published in Central Kentucky News in June of 2019.