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Hallway Feeds: From horse feed to granola

Feelin’ Your Oats Granola is a new product on the shelves of Kentucky Soaps & Such, but the maker of this crunchy snack has a long history dating back to 1964.

We know Hallway Feeds for their delicious granola, but others around the Central Kentucky region might know them for something else: horse feed. Robert “Bob” Hall Jr. of Scott County bought a local feed mill in 1964 and began supplying area farms with commodity feeds. As the Thoroughbred racing industry grew, Hallways Feeds became the leader in equine nutrition.

So how did they get started making granola?

As Julia, daughter of Hallway Feeds founder, will tell you: “making horse feed is a lot like making granola.” The recipe for Feelin’ Your Oats Granola was a favorite among the team and their families for years. After serving it at a local press event in 2016 as a ‘riff’ on horse feed, they began getting calls asking for granola!

Now the producer of top-notch equine feed also supplies families with high-quality granola! Each batch is carefully measured, baked, stirred, roasted and then bagged by hand.

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